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In the year 2001 I went away and secluded myself and wrote, well aware I was hidden in the palm of God’s hand. I found some old writings today.

I often wrote short ramblings…how strange to go back and read ramblings from years ago and realize He has never left me…

 You came into my life asking nothing from me
 Gave me everything
 And captured the whole of me


It seems destiny has a way of catching up with you. No matter how you
try to manipulate your life; eventually you come face to face with your

I have learnt that the storms in our lives have come to set us free. There is a brutal honesty in them, speaking of who we are. In our hunger for truth and happiness the thunder begins to roll, tears flood
our eyes and truth burst forth with a howling. We need to let You carry us through the storm into the light and the promise of the rainbow will always come.


When You touched me with your love, You gave me

Looking out my window, enjoying the warmth in home, savoring the taste
of the steaming hot cup of coffee in my hands, I see the beauty of
winter. The trees are adorned in white gowns, glistening in the early
morning sun that has peeked out from the lingering clouds. The snow
lays like a heavy down comforter upon the ground. Swirls left from the
wind on the virgin whiteness remind me that perhaps it was not the wind
after all that had left the imprint there, but angels dancing before
before our Lord.

Why do we not see that so often it is the turmoil of worldly concepts
that seek to destroy the gifts given to our hearts?

In the arms of Your love I found my wings to fly.

I stood in my garden that early summer morning and watched the flowers
lift their heads in praise to the Son.


(C) 2001 -2008 Penny Carlton

All Rights Reserved



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