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i sat outside this morning being entertained by my two year old granddaughter. at two she has a gift of theatrics and loves singing and dancing. not only was i enjoying her performance, but i believed all of God’s creation was enamored by her. the sun shone brilliantly, the breeze was gentle and the now blooming sunflowers swayed along with her songs. life couldnt be more perfect, or so i thought in those moments just  before the next door neighbor came over to drop off something for my son. skipping behind our neighbor, mike, was a little girl who looked about the age of my granddaughter, emma.

this little girl was the daughter of one of his friends, he explained to us as he introduced amia to emma. as my son and mike talked, both girls stood quietly taking the other in. since emma doesnt go to day care and is an only child, i wondered how she would react to the ‘new kid on the block.’ after a few minutes of simply standing there watching one another, emma took the little girl’s hand and asked her, ‘do want to play with me?’ the little girl smile and shook her head yes.

I watched as they went hand and hand over to the Dora kitchen set that sits in the back corner of the yard. For several minutes they played quietly, neither of them uttering a word, as if they had some unspoken language between them and words were not necessary. as i sat there watching these two little girls pour cups of imaginary tea for one another it ocurred to me that it bothered neither of them that their skins were a different color. nor did it bother emma that amia had on sandles, while she was barefoot. it didnt bother amia that emma wore a koolaide smile.  as they silently shared that ‘cup of tea’ they both broke out in laughter, though i don’t know what tickeled their funny bone (prehaps their angels). from that moment on they chattered like old friends until it was time for amia to go home.

as they hugged one another good-bye i saw why Jesus told us to become as little children…they love without judgement … they love without expecting anything in return …

they love … they are a perfect example of His love


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